IQ Fitness General Guidelines

General Conduct
  • We want all members as well as our staff to feel a good vibe when they are in an IQ Fitness gym. We therefore encourage everyone to be respectful towards each other, show consideration and a non-hostile attitude. Members must always follow said guidelines and any such instructions from the staff which are within the IQ Fitness corporate policy. Promotion and soliciting at the gym are strictly prohibited. Be aware that the gym has video surveillance (CCTV).

Use of the Gym
  • Do not throw/clang machines and weights. After use, please put the equipment in its original intended place. Use towels on the equipment and benches. Use only one machine at a time while working out. As a courtesy please allow others to work out in between your sets. Please inform the staff if equipment is out of order and/or dysfunctional.

Attire and Changing Rooms
  • When working out please use workout clothes and indoor shoes in the gym. Members must wear shirts/tops that cover the torso. Bags are not allowed in the workout areas and must be placed in a locker in the changing rooms. Please dry off with a towel in the shower before returning to your locker. Lockers must be emptied before leaving the gym. Over-night storage in the lockers is not allowed.

Member Cards and Gym Access
  • Member cards are personal and must be scanned at the entrance to gain access to the gym. Access and loitering at the gym is solely allowed for members. All members must be 15 years of age or older to have access to an IQ Fitness gym.

Sound, Photos & Video
  • Please always use earphones when using your mobile device with sound. Please be mindful if speaking on your mobile phone – speaking too loudly can disturb other members. Please respect that photos and video of other members, in which they can be identified, is only allowed with prior consent.

Opening Hours
  • Check-in must be made 30 minutes before closing time. Showers must be vacated 15 minutes prior to closing time. The gym must be vacated at time of closing.

Smoking, Alcohol and Drugs
  • Smoking as well as use of electronic cigarettes is strictly prohibited inside the building of IQ Fitness. Intake of alcoholic beverages is strictly prohibited inside the building of IQ Fitness. Use and possession of illegal drugs (including performance enhancing drugs) is strictly prohibited inside the building of IQ Fitness.